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due south icons

Due South Icons
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This is a community for icons related to Due South, a series about a mountie and his dog. And two cops. And there's a ghost and pirates and curling...but that's an explanation for another time. Now, the rules. I don't know if all of these are necessary but it never hurts to make policies clear from the start.

1) Each post must feature at least one icon or piece of fanart. Period. There are plenty of communities and websites devoted to icon tutorials and requests; Webmonkey is one example. You can pimp your own community or journal only in posts which contain at least one Due South icon/fanart piece.

2) Posts asking for codes for friends or asking what font icon makers use may be deleted without prior notification.

3) No flaming. Any icons for Due South are welcome, be they Fraser/Ray K or Francesca/Elaine (not that I'm nagging anyone to make them, oh no, cough cough) or...I don't know, Thatcher/Dewey.

4) Please use cut tags for posts with more than three icons. Some people, i.e. me, are still on dial-up.

5) RPF policy: eh, whatever butters your muffin. A note saying "actorslash" or "RP" or somesuch in your cut-tag would be much appreciated, however, as it is a touchy area for some.

Other than that? Have fun!